15 October 2010

The show where we say "Hey, we're back!"

Naturally, the world demands that if you begin a blog premised on your suddenly copious free time at work, said free time will immediately begin to evaporate until your to-file bin is stacked half as high as your computer monitor and you begin to speak as tersely and quietly as possible as if to save time and energy for all the other tasks ahead of you.

I took a vacation. Then I came back and my coworker, who had been suffering through the days of my absence with a terrible cold, immediately went home and stayed there for a couple of days. But now I am back and although I haven’t done all the things I need to do, there are few enough that I can hold them all in my head at once.

But I’m back! Eventually I abandon all diaries, but not this one, not yet. I can’t abandon my approx. 1.5 readers, after all. So: new posts are a goal. Maybe even another one later today.

(Title credit: Jonathan Katz.)

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